Group Classes

Below is out 2021-2022 class schedule. All classes are registered through our receptionist at the studio. All classes are subject to change in August of 2022.


5pm - Open Acro (7 and up)- In this class, dancers  will work with teachers to improve all acrobat skills. It is open to ages 7 and up and beginner to advanced skills.  They will divide up with teachers so each student will advance quickly in acro.

5pm - Beginning Ballet/Tap (6 and up)- This class will explore both of these arts at beginning level and is a great, fun class for the dancers to get started in either technique.

5pm – Intermediate Technique/Flexibility/Improv (7 and up)-This class is for dancers who have  been introduced to technique and are ready to advance to the next level to work on a mix of all of these.


6pm - Combo Class (6 and under)-This class is split; 25 minutes of dance, coordination skills and into learning choreography, and 25 minutes of tumbling at their level.  Great class for all beginning to explore the arts of dance and tumbling.

6pm - Beginning Ballet/Contemporary/Lyrical (7 and up)- these 3 styles will rotate and work on each of them individually.

6pm - Advanced Hip-Hop (7 and up)- Fast Paced high energy class for the advanced hip-hop dancer. Male and Female welcome.


7pm - Open Acro class (see Monday 5pm)

7pm - Intermediate Hip-Hop (7and up)- a step up from beginner hip-hop to continue progression, technique and choreography.

7pm - Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Funk/Technique (8 and up)-This class will be fast paced and a mix of all of these while learning technique and choreography   

8pm - Advanced Acro Boot Camp- Tough acro class. Not for the faint of heart and for serious tumblers to work on stamina, form and skills.  (Required ability to do back handsprings down the mat.)

8pm- Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary/Lyrical (9 and up)- Will explore both of these arts and will learn choreography at a face pace.


4pm - Advanced Pointe- For advanced students, requires approval.

5pm - Intermediate Combo (9 and under)- Great class for younger dancers and a step up from tot combo.  Will work on both tumbling and dance skills.  

5pm - Baton/Twirling (6 and up)- This will be a high energy fun class for the future twirlers.  Will learn technique and twirling skills. 

5pm- Intermediate/Advanced Tap  - Fast-paced tap class to increase all skills and levels of the art.


6pm - Combo (7 and under)- (see Monday 6pm)

6pm - Beginning Hip-Hop (8 and under) - open to boys and girls for the beginning hip-hop dancer. Will begin to learn choreography, musicality as well as have fun.

6pm - Intermediate Ballet- this is a class required for all competitive dancers and will be pre-placed.

7pm - Beg/Int Combo (7 and up)- A class to explore dance and tumbling where students will learn both genres at their own pace. 

7pm- Beginning Jazz/Funk (ages 7-11) - Great intro into Jazz and Funk with a chance to learn technique and progress to choreography, learning new routines weekly with up to date music.

7pm - Advanced Ballet- for the company dancers and must be pre-approved.  Will be a requirement for all team members.


4pm - Open Acro (7 and up)- (see Monday 5pm)

5pm - Open Acro (7 and up)- (see Monday 5pm)

5pm – Advanced Technique-  Dancers will work on all advanced level turns, leaps and total technique. (Approval required.)

5pm – Beginning Jazz/Poms (8 and under)- Will explore technique and choreography with the younger dancer.

6pm - Dance Team Jazz Prep (ages 6-10)- This will be a fun- filled class for the beg/int. dancer thats ready to learn dance team and jazz skills.

6pm - Intermediate Jazz (11 and under)- intermediate level class working on technique, choreography, turns, leaps, and lots of fun.

7pm - Combo Class (7 and up)- (see Tuesday 5pm)

7pm - Jazz Poms Combo (ages 11 and up)- This is for older dancer and will move ahead with poms and jazz skills.  This will include technique and  choreography.

8pm - Open Acro (7 and up)- (see Monday 5pm)


5pm - Intermediate Combo (10 and under)- (see Tuesday 5pm)

5pm -Intermediate Technique- Approval Required

5pm - Beginning Hip-Hop (Ages 9 and under) - open to boys and girls for the beginning hip-hop dancer. Will begin to learn choreography, musicality as well as have fun.

6pm - Toddler Tumble Acro Only (8 and under)- Designed for younger students who want to learn tumbling skills without any dance in class. 

6pm - Lyrical/Contemporary (7 and up)- This class is a great chance for dancers to work on lyrical and contemporaryskills to tell a story through dance.

6pm -Beginning/Intermediate Jazz/Technique (open ages)- this is a great class for technique in combination with choreography. 

7pm - Open Combo (all ages) - Jazz and tumbling focused class for all ages.

7pm -  Int/Advanced Contemporary/Improv/Flexibility, Turns and Leaps - Work weekly to increase all levels in these areas.

7pm – Intermediate Jazz/Poms/Contemporary- Will rotate genres weekly to increase all levels.

8pm – Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Ballet/Contemporary (Ages 7 and up)- Will rotate genres weekly to increase all levels.