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Darcee's prides itself on its' family friendly and affordable pricing model. Our prices have hardly changed over the past 30 years because we want as many people to be able to experience dance and express themselves.

Darcee’s School of Dance is excited to announce this year we are implementing Dance Pro, a dance software system that provides many added benefits. This program includes a parent portal, online statements, and additional payment options such as online payments. We are excited to bring this technology into our studio for our teachers
and parents. As we move forward with our new Dance Pro software, we will require a $20 registration fee per student. The annual registration fee applies to everyone and is due at the time of registration.


Changes to Family Plan and Class Pricing:
Family Plans: $125 a month – due on the 1st of the month.
  Family plan is for members of the SAME household only.
NO cousins, friends, etc.
  Siblings only.
Family Plans are not pro-rated or adjusted. You have one week to make up a
class if you miss.
 Limit 6 classes per week for 1 child.
 Limit 10 classes per week for multiple children.
$15 extra per class if you go beyond the limits above.
 A $10 late fee will be applied each week until the family plan is paid.
If you are late 3 consecutive months, you will be removed from the Family
  No privates or classes until account is up to date.

Individual Class Plans:
 1 Class: $45 a month due every 4th week of class
 2 Classes: $85 a month due every 4th week of class
 3 Classes: $95 a month due every 4th week of class 

 $20 per half hour
$10 if they are shared privates.

For a $10 fee your dancer may try one class before signing up. Once your child has been registered for his or her classes, they will not be able to change classes until the 1st week of the month. Students can only change classes if the class is NOT full, Darcee has approved the change, and you have notified the office of the change.


Other Information:

·   Due dates are not negotiable & roll is not taken.

·   Students have one week to take make-up classes with Darcee’s approval.

·   Studio closures will occur if SJSD cancels school.  Will be posted on Facebook.

·   When the studio is closed the payment, dates are adjusted. Does not apply to Family Plan.

·   Classes close once filled.  Sign up early!

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